Absinthe Wishes and Lithium Dreams


He wanders aimlessly through worlds of destruction; mist colored mountains, too blinded to see. A victim of self-induced misfortune, an inflicter of pain. Endless. Eternal. Walking through the flames, wearing the scars like badges of honor; baptisms of fire consecrated in vain.

Infinite lifetimes spent. Second-hand knowledge attained. Wasted on this tortured mind; soul hollowed eons ago. A teacher to some perhaps, but no man of genius as once she believed. Prostituting his suffering for personal gain; unwilling to succumb to sanity’s necessity.

Eager to believe his revelations; as if he, a mere mortal, born with transcendent faculties; innate knowledge awarded by God. A favored soul having lived a longer time. Acquired more. Progressed further. Ordained and reincarnated at the desire of God; to aide the progress of mankind; or at the very least, the twin of her flame; to continue the journey, on the path by her side.

A monster disguised as her own personal savior; a wanton demon, this King of the Damned. Driven now by the voice in his head, whispering night and day; pushing him further, closer to the edge. “Burn the pages, take your bow; sweet surrender in dawns early hour.”

Fare thee well; to you, Dark Prince; on your voyage, your final affair. Role fulfilled, as it was written; take heed in the knowing; until we meet again…



Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

10 thoughts on “Absinthe Wishes and Lithium Dreams

  1. Absolutely not, Dennis!

    I would venture to say that you’re at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from this one…

  2. I know exactly where Im going
    Im not blind
    Nor unlucky
    I never inflicted pain. My only crime is un-numbing the pain youve always felt
    ALL scars are badges of honor. Im not ashamed of my shame
    All knowledge is 2nd hand. There is no undiscovered truth
    My soul is fine. Worry about your own
    And I AM a genius
    We all see things through the filter of our own insecurities
    Im a monster dressed as a monster
    On the contrary, Im moving farther away from the edge
    And youd embrace my return

    Unlike Dennis, I know this is about me. Im so vain, I probably think this post is about me.

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