The nature of things

Happiness comes in many forms and is different for everyone, but the common thread among us is that we all…each and every one of us, seeks happiness. Not everyone has the ability to define it, but once it’s attained, there can be no doubt.

This raises a question that’s been weighing heavily on my mind. Simply stated; when it comes to life and love, are we ever truly free to be ourselves?

I’m talking about human relationships and the ties that at times constrict, rather than simply bind. I learned at a very young age the dangers of possessive relationships and the devastation that can result in someone trying to control another. It simply cannot be done; and why someone would believe that they have the power to control the thinking and feelings of another is beyond my comprehension.

Granted, there are those that haven’t the will or desire to be free-thinking individuals and so they take comfort in being led through life, rather than navigating their own way and truly living their lives for themselves. For those people I feel truly sorry. But if a person finds themselves hindered and has a strong enough spirit and determined will, it’s guaranteed that at some point they’ll start gnawing at the restraints until they set themselves free. And no one, no matter their station, has the right to try and stop them.

My question is…why would they want to and what makes a person believe that they possess such power?

Perhaps instead of acknowledging the unhappiness we dwell within, we’re willing to overlook it, because we reach a certain level of comfort in the routine of our daily lives and change frightens us? But change is inevitable in all phases of our lives and is the one thing that cannot be stopped or controlled. No matter how hard we try, as nothing ever stays the same….

How we choose to accept that change is a God given power that lives within each of us. We can live our lives in fear, trapping our spirits farther into ourselves than they already are…or we can embrace change and freely accept the fact that regardless of whether we like it or not, it’s going to happen.

And if we’re lucky enough, perhaps we’ll set our spirits free in the process of that acceptance. Imagine….. It is only in the acceptance of the true nature of things that we are able to find true happiness.


Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

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