Shattered Calm


We started the morning early, so early it was still dark when we left for extended day. When we headed east toward the school, the day was just beginning to break, giving off enough light so that the fog that hung in the treetops could be easily seen as we drove. My son marveled that we were driving under the clouds and expressed many times along the way, how awesome and beautiful he thought it was.

Then as we pulled into the empty lot, as we were the first ones to arrive, there it was; the moon full still shining in the sky, just barely above the treetops that made up our distant view. We got out of the car and stood for a few minutes and my son took my hand and said, “I’m glad we got to share this,” and then we went inside.

As we walked down the hall, I told him I hoped he had a great day and he said, “I know it’ll be a great day, because the morning has been so good.” I left the school, already missing him, as sometimes special moments just aren’t enough and I want them to linger on indefinitely, and I stood silently between the falling moon and the rising sun and all was calm.

That is, until I left and was cruising down S.R. 13 on my way to work, not a car in sight, and my calm was shattered, my tranquility discomposed, as some idiot bitch pulls out in front of me, for no other reason than she was too busy talking on her goddamn cell phone to pay attention to her driving!

So, I slammed on my breaks and laid on the horn to keep from hitting her, when what I really wanted to do was maintain my speed and ram her in the ass. I took several deep, deliberate breaths as I tried to rid myself of the rage that threatened to consume me, but it didn’t work. And so for the next several miles my mind was awhirl with chaotic thoughts and my attention focused on how out of control our society has become as a whole, in our complacency and I couldn’t help but wonder, as I passed one car after another speeding to their destination; how many of them even noticed the moon this morning.

Then I approached my bridge and the first thing I saw was the river, giving the appearance of a giant piece of perfect glass; reflecting the masts of the sailboats that it cradled in the stillness of its waters and the tress that lined it banks. I felt my pulse begin to slow and then I saw it; the moon with its pale pinkish hue, filling the sky and flooding my senses with composed harmony, and suddenly everything was balanced again.

It no longer mattered that I was surrounded by crazed lunatics, driving vessels of mass destruction, consumed with their own agenda and unaware of the world around them. I had seen and experienced the dawning of this day and felt true appreciation in the depths of my soul; and in the process was reminded that my personal balance is within my control, and that my energy need not be wasted on those things which I have no control.

What was your lesson learned today?



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