I remember the first time I was given a professional letter to write. I took the dictation of what my boss wanted contained in the letter, added my own spin and was so impressed with what I had come up with that I made a copy for myself and kept it for months after. I don’t think I ever got another letter after that, as it was a one time thing since the office manager was out sick, but each day as I sat at that front desk and answered the phones, I kept thinking to myself, I can do so much better than this, and it was my own words that sustained me and gave me that hope.

I’ve kept a personal journal for years and many times would go back over time and read what I had written, and somehow I always amazed myself. Either in the fact that I couldn’t believe the nonsense I put myself through or the profound thoughts that filled the page.

It all comes down to words, something that we all use and take for granted every single day of our lives, but is the root of how we express ourselves. Not always in an art form or for creative purposes, but in simple communication with each other. And it’s the words we use to communicate that define us to others. Kind, meaningful words don’t always come easy, while others roll from the tongue with whip-like precision.

My ex-husband abused me with words, to the point that I prayed for his silence. Carefully chosen words, meant to inflict the maximum amount of pain with a minimum number thereof. Hateful, demeaning words that cut deeper than any blade ever could and scars that run much deeper. How easy it was for him to do this, and how difficult it was for him to say I love you.

I never understood where his anger stemmed from and why it was always directed at me; nor did I understand why when he realized it was over, that all he wanted to do was talk. On the flip-side, I have known words that filled my soul and flooded my heart on the darkest day; simple words of kindness, given with genuine feeling and filled with emotion; words I will carry with me throughout all my days that rekindle that feeling of happiness when first they were heard.

Words being the core of my life’s passion and what keeps me sane, I guess I’d like to see people choose their words a little more carefully and take the time to process their thoughts before simply running their mouth and letting them fly. Talk is cheap…but the words will cost you!


Published by jill

Riding the current of life's changing tides, while capturing my journey in images and words...

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