Summer’s End


Riverfest and the WEBN Fireworks mark the end of summer in Cincinnati…and for me. Although I now make my home in the South, I know in my heart when fall has arrived, and I miss it like one might pine for a lost lover.

I remember the days when I lived along the banks of the Ohio River and the buzz of excitement that was felt as we geared up for Riverfest. The barges were brought in, along with vendors and entertainers and it was the closest thing to Woodstock that perhaps I’ll ever know, as tens of thousands of people poured into the city at the break of day, just to get a spot on the Serpantine Wall, or the river banks of Kentucky.

They’d spent the entire day, hanging out, having fun, frolicking in the sun…then sitting back and enjoying the spectacular fireworks display that was shot from the barges, as night descended on the Queen City and she came alive. How I miss those days, and the view I had from the comfort of my little high-rise apartment.

Friends and family gathered as if it were home base; coming and going throughout the day, with a freedom that was not offered to those who didn’t live in the city. Those were the days…and today I miss them so.

Autumn’s Splendor
By Jill Terry

I know that it’s fall… Not because I can look out my window and see the changing of the trees. Not because the wind blows cool upon my suntanned flesh. Not because I shed my summer frocks, wrapping myself in the comfort of laden clothes. Not because the fire is now lit for the warmth its flame emits. I know that it’s fall because I can feel it in my soul and each time I miss it, I feel I’m somehow being cheated. For outside my window my plants do still grow…flowers bursting with colorful blooms. Windows down in every room so the frigid air keeps me cool. My heart aches for the beauty of the fall. The last big hurrah before winter’s chilly dawn covers the earth with a blanket of frost. The eternal beauty of autumn’s colors lost-


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