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Hypocrisy abounds

Hypocrite is defined as; a person given to hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is defined as; the assumption of moral standards to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

They come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and genders and they’re basically all alike. By that I mean they all have a hidden agenda, hidden behind the sanctimonious attitude that they would have others believe of them…but no matter how hard they try, their true colors eventually bleed through.

Why…because their true nature is stronger than their false identity and becomes obvious fairly quickly, to all those around them; especially when they continually stir the shit. I find myself in a situation where people have chosen to make assumptions about me, rather than take the time to get to know me.

Granted, I’m a very private person and only allow others to see those parts of myself that I choose to share, but still, this is no excuse. These are middle-class, educated adults I’m referring to, who seem to be stuck in a time-warp somewhere between Jr. and Senior High, only as adults they’re even more caddy than the children I went to school with. It’s a sad thing to witness, and a very upsetting thing to be caught in the middle of, because there’s no rhyme or reason to it…they simply do it because they can’t seem to control themselves and take some sort of sick pleasure in creating and spreading rumors about things which they have no clue.

And maybe that’s it in a nutshell…

People have always been quick to succumb to misconceptions about that which they don’t understand; that makes them act out radically and that eventually lends itself to hurtful and spiteful behavior at the expense of others. This is certainly no excuse or justification for this type of behavior, but something to consider and think about, the next time you’re contemplating ripping the face off the hypocrite who just slandered you before your peers. A wise man once told me; he who stirs the shit, goes home at night with shit on his stick!

Something to think about…….



I remember the first time I was given a professional letter to write. I took the dictation of what my boss wanted contained in the letter, added my own spin and was so impressed with what I had come up with that I made a copy for myself and kept it for months after. I don’t think I ever got another letter after that, as it was a one time thing since the office manager was out sick, but each day as I sat at that front desk and answered the phones, I kept thinking to myself, I can do so much better than this, and it was my own words that sustained me and gave me that hope.

I’ve kept a personal journal for years and many times would go back over time and read what I had written, and somehow I always amazed myself. Either in the fact that I couldn’t believe the nonsense I put myself through or the profound thoughts that filled the page.

It all comes down to words, something that we all use and take for granted every single day of our lives, but is the root of how we express ourselves. Not always in an art form or for creative purposes, but in simple communication with each other. And it’s the words we use to communicate that define us to others. Kind, meaningful words don’t always come easy, while others roll from the tongue with whip-like precision.

My ex-husband abused me with words, to the point that I prayed for his silence. Carefully chosen words, meant to inflict the maximum amount of pain with a minimum number thereof. Hateful, demeaning words that cut deeper than any blade ever could and scars that run much deeper. How easy it was for him to do this, and how difficult it was for him to say I love you.

I never understood where his anger stemmed from and why it was always directed at me; nor did I understand why when he realized it was over, that all he wanted to do was talk. On the flip-side, I have known words that filled my soul and flooded my heart on the darkest day; simple words of kindness, given with genuine feeling and filled with emotion; words I will carry with me throughout all my days that rekindle that feeling of happiness when first they were heard.

Words being the core of my life’s passion and what keeps me sane, I guess I’d like to see people choose their words a little more carefully and take the time to process their thoughts before simply running their mouth and letting them fly. Talk is cheap…but the words will cost you!


My Weekend Read


Never judge a book by it’s cover…as an author this can’t be stressed enough…as a reader, I couldn’t resist! Unfortunately, I was wrong in this case. The cover was awesome and promised a haunting tale that the story just didn’t deliver, and I honestly thought I’d never finish this book!

It grabbed my attention at the beginning, but by the third chapter, I felt as if I had read the same thing over and over. This happens throughout much of the book as Mr. Saul builds to the stories climax. This could have been a very good psychological thriller and a real page-turner, if it had been told in half the length. Instead I found myself putting it down and walking away, waiting sometimes days before I picked it up again then once again becoming frustrated with the same scenario’s, bearing slightly different descriptions.

This is a classic example of once hitting the best seller list, always remaining there…we should all be so lucky!


Baby Talk

I went to lunch today with a group of people, two of which had their baby along and inevitably she was passed around the table and most of the talk centered on “baby stuff.” I don’t know why, but I’ve never been one of those women who drool over babies and feel the need to discuss the latest child rearing trends, or swap advice with other mothers. Not when I was pregnant, not after I gave birth and not one time since then.

Is something wrong with me? Do I lack a gene that all mothers are supposed to possess?
Is it because my pregnancy wasn’t planned or because I made a conscious decision that my life wasn’t going to change because I had a child; by that I mean that I didn’t rearrange my life, childproof my house and move everything out of reach. I simply presented my life to him as is and he slid into place and assumed his position, right from the beginning.

My mother thinks something is horribly wrong, in that I don’t remember how much my son weighed when he was born or how long he was. Why would I need or care to know how long he was; I was just happy to have my body to myself again! And why after almost 8 years, do I need to know how much he weighed at birth? I only knew one thing for certain; that I had a healthy baby boy and vowed to share all that I have and all that I am with him.

That’s exactly what I’ve done and I believe you’d be hard-pressed to find a better boy, who thinks with his head and feels from his heart. It’s not about strollers, diaper genies or developmental toys…it’s about the real things you give them; love, guidance, understanding, support, independence, trust, did I say love? All these things are what set the course for the people they become…not the books you read, the music you listened to, or the murals that were painted in the nursery. It all comes from the inside and can’t be bought at any price.


Just Released


Product Details Paperback: 164 pages
Publisher: Aventine Press (August, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN: 159330305X
US: $12.95

Here you are ladies…the sex-filled, romantic suspense you were begging for! Not only can you buy the book at amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million , Waldenbooks, but it’s already on sale; prices range from $10.36 to $10.93; and the clincher…I haven’t even seen the finished product yet! Drop me a line and let me know how it turned out!

You won’t believe what one man does to keep the woman he loves…

There’s always been something about Brie Donovan that words couldn’t describe. It’s not just her physical beauty or her intelligence, but something within her that grabs hold and captivates those who are able to get close to her.

Brie is young, promiscuous and full of life, and like many young women, she’s made a few bad judgment calls when it comes to the opposite sex; and having her heart broken again is not on her agenda. She likes being in the company of men and she isn’t ashamed of it. She’s a firm believer that affairs of the heart and sexual liaisons are two completely different things and as long as emotions aren’t involved then she’s safe from harm.

It’s not until she gets mixed up with Billy Gage, who mistakes their sexual antics for love, that she learns there are consequences to her actions. Even though her own heart may not be involved, when it comes to toying with people’s emotions, the game can be deadly!

A page-turner guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Reality Check

The suffering and loss of those whose lives were directly touched by hurricane Katrina saddens me; though the outpouring of support to the victims, through monetary and other donations is a testament to the true nature of our human hearts, and something we should hold strong to, once this tragedy has faded and been forgotten.

It’s the reaction to the hurricane itself that has me shaking my head. To believe that this devastation was allowed to happen, due to Army Corps of Engineer budget cuts, which left the levee as it was, instead of building a bigger, better, stronger one, is just plain ignorant. To believe that the military’s response was lacking in effectiveness, and that they should have been able to magically appear at a moments notice, plowing their way through whatever lay in their path, shows our naïveté when it comes to natural disaster. And that’s what this was folks…a natural disaster; a force of nature, not to be reckoned with!

Will America as a whole learn from this experience…probably not; but there are those who witnessed the raw, ferocious power of that force we often refer to as Mother Nature, whether it was first-hand or from a distance, who were reminded or quite possibly discovered for the first time, how powerless we really are. Yet we’ll go about our lives as we always have, rebuilding those million dollar homes that were wiped out along the waters edge; only we’ll build them bigger and stronger, and maybe just a little closer to the water, because what the heck, this one is built to withstand anything!

We’ll take inventory of our lives and make a list of our personal possessions and what’s truly important to us, all the while trying to figure out a way to keep this from ever happening again. Perhaps it will take a force greater than Katrina to make people take stock in themselves, instead of inventorying their material possessions and realizing that it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye; and that in the end, it doesn’t matter who dies with the most toys, the biggest house or the fattest bank account…we’re all going to die, just as we were all born.

It’s the one common thread that links us, and the one that separates us once it’s cut. We were given this time on earth for a reason. It will be the lessons we learned and the way in which we reacted and overcame adversity that will lead us closer, or farther away, from our ultimate destination. Take stock in who you are, not what you possess. Live in the world, not just on it…and for God’s sake, respect and fear the power of that which we have no control.


Just Shut Up!

Did you ever have one of those days when you had a million philosophical thoughts running through your mind and just needed to express yourself to someone, only to be stifled mid-sentence? You sit there, not knowing which emotion to draw upon; embarrassment or anger, but feeling like a fool nonetheless.

Today just must not be my day, as this has already happened to me twice and it’s not even noon yet. The first time I was completely ignored; completely…totally…ignored, with not so much as an attempt to acknowledge that I had uttered a single word. This one pissed me off and started my early morning off on a bad note.

The second was just as harsh; a mix of condescension and patronizing tolerance, as I was told that while the subject matter was fascinating and would make an interesting topic of conversation, now was not the time. This one left me feeling stupid and foolish; for even attempting to broach a subject where my knowledge is limited; and wishing I’d just been ignored!

And to think…I woke up this morning with a positive outlook, an inquisitive mind and a need to share. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.


My Weekend Read


At just 216 pages, this book rocketed to the best seller list and made me wish I had written it myself. As a reader, it was one of those books that I just couldn’t put down.

A heart-warming love story about a woman who meets a man, while in a coma, when he moves into her apartment after her friends and family give up hope of her ever coming out of it. This story will make you laugh, make you cry, and will undoubtedly make you question the most powerful force of all…the human mind! A great weekend or beach read.


Summer’s End


Riverfest and the WEBN Fireworks mark the end of summer in Cincinnati…and for me. Although I now make my home in the South, I know in my heart when fall has arrived, and I miss it like one might pine for a lost lover.

I remember the days when I lived along the banks of the Ohio River and the buzz of excitement that was felt as we geared up for Riverfest. The barges were brought in, along with vendors and entertainers and it was the closest thing to Woodstock that perhaps I’ll ever know, as tens of thousands of people poured into the city at the break of day, just to get a spot on the Serpantine Wall, or the river banks of Kentucky.

They’d spent the entire day, hanging out, having fun, frolicking in the sun…then sitting back and enjoying the spectacular fireworks display that was shot from the barges, as night descended on the Queen City and she came alive. How I miss those days, and the view I had from the comfort of my little high-rise apartment.

Friends and family gathered as if it were home base; coming and going throughout the day, with a freedom that was not offered to those who didn’t live in the city. Those were the days…and today I miss them so.

Autumn’s Splendor
By Jill Terry

I know that it’s fall… Not because I can look out my window and see the changing of the trees. Not because the wind blows cool upon my suntanned flesh. Not because I shed my summer frocks, wrapping myself in the comfort of laden clothes. Not because the fire is now lit for the warmth its flame emits. I know that it’s fall because I can feel it in my soul and each time I miss it, I feel I’m somehow being cheated. For outside my window my plants do still grow…flowers bursting with colorful blooms. Windows down in every room so the frigid air keeps me cool. My heart aches for the beauty of the fall. The last big hurrah before winter’s chilly dawn covers the earth with a blanket of frost. The eternal beauty of autumn’s colors lost-


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